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Alan Winberg Consulting Inc. advises top management and techical experts about:

  • Design and implemention of performance measurement frameworks and systems
  • Credible and timely evaluations of government programs and policies
  • Risk management frameworks and issues regarding limitation of liability in procurement contracts


Alan Winberg Consulting Inc. conducts program evaluations and risk management assessments


Alan Winberg Consulting Inc. delivers training on performance measurement and risk management, tailored to your organization and business


Core Competencies:

  • implementing program evaluations and performance measurement systems
  • helping our clients design and implement quality management systems and service standards
  • conducting benchmarking projects to help determine industry best practices and to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • developing and implementing strategic plans
  • assisting public, private and not-for-profit organizations across Canada to establish clear objectives and key performance indicators
  • assisting in the communication about risk and mitigating risk to the achievement of program and project objectives
  • designing and implementing state-of-the-art performance measurement and risk mitigation techniques and strategies


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